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About Us

Since Mkit Inc. was founded in 2002, we have been rendering database consulting services to businesses in the Washington DC and Ohio metro areas. Mkit Inc. is a nucleus of experienced Oracle/Microsoft SQLServer Certified Professionals with broad IT and business backgrounds. We specialize in installation, creation, and administration of custom Oracle/SQLServer databases on both Windows and Unix/Linux(Oracle only) platforms.

We are involved in the development, testing, and deployment phases of our clients databases. We also perform Administration and maintenance tasks on our clients databases and offer affordable database solutions to them.

We also run an Oracle/SQLServer training program where we train our clients on best ways to administer and maintain their databases on our real life simulation database environments. These training programs are specially tailored to educate DBAs on how to administer databases in each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle SDLC (development, test, and production phases of software development). We train our clients using latest core Oracle/SQLServer technologies  like Oracle Real Application Clusters RAC, SQLServer clustering, Oracle Streams replication, SQLserver transactional replication, Oracle Dataguard for disaster recovery,  SQLServer backup and restore, and the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) for database backup and recovery.